Planning on moving to Switzerland and looking for a job

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il y a 1 an 3 jours #2277 par Tiago Gingão Leal
Hello!I hope you are all doing fine. My name is Tiago Leal, and I am a Portuguese orienteer. I’m currently in the Portuguese National Team and I’ve been in Switzerland for a while preparing WOC.I took the decision to stay in Switzerland after WOC and that is why I am writing this message. I was wondering if any of you know about any jobs or if you have any tips about where I can get a job.I would also appreciate any tips on the best places to move to as an orienteer, the best way to find accommodation, the best places to train and find training partners as well as any other tips you might have. These are my contacts:Phone: +351912341700 (WhatsApp)Email: Thank you in advance for your help.I wish everyone a good week.

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